Our Story

May Osama (Founder & Creative Director)

There is only one company whose founder faced with the difficulty of finding Nigerian brands to wear on vacation created TIkki which sparked a National resort wear revolution.

Only one whose spirit of innovation continues to provide timeless, fabulous, printastic masterpieces to billions of people, only one whose designs are loved around the world since inception. There is only one TMO!

How we started

May Osama noticed how high-end brands made fabulous easy dresses out of chiffon and vibrant prints and with that simple observation TMO was born. TMO started production, as well as an online store, with two stockists in Lagos Nigeria in 2018 as her signature “Tikki” became a global favorite.

TMO officially put down it’s roots in Abuja Nigeria in 2021. The first resort wear brand manufactured in Nigeria and sold world wide. Tmo has since launched a continuous stream of new and innovative designs for fashion lovers all over the world.